Korean Man Sticks His Thumb Into His Eye Socket For Years, Claims It Improved His Sight

Eye health being a major topic of interest these days, a segment from I am the God-Body from 2015 has resurfaced due to renewed interest.

In it, Ha Soo Yeop showed viewers how to perform his special massage, which he claims allowed him to better his eyesight and live without his glasses.

The episode started with medical documents that seem to show that his eyesight has increased over time from 0.1 to 0.8.

Ha Soo Yeop claimed that by massaging the muscles around the eye, and by relaxing them, people can do the same.

The episode showed audiences and fellow panel members following along.

Though everyone seemed pleased by the massage, the show did end with a disclaimer — so don’t depend entirely on the massage and make sure to mind your screen time!

“Results may vary depending on the individual.”

— “I am the God-Body”

Watch the full video below.