Korean Man Disgusts The Internet By Serving Sperm Coffee As Revenge For Being Turned Down

“Okay, I’m going to vomit.”

Coffee is, for a lot of us, an essential part of life — a perfectly brewed cup can be that morning kick, the lunchtime “Mmmm-” and “Ahhh-“, that late afternoon mega-booster. Unfortunately, for a Korean graduate school student A, coffee is no longer any of those things. In a recent court ruling, A’s classmate B was sentenced to prison for serving her coffee containing his spit and sperm.

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A and B got to know each other while studying in the same research lab. In April 2018, B confessed his feelings for A. However, A didn’t feel the same way and turned him down. That’s when the nasty revenge began. To “pay her back for hurting his feelings”, B opted to contaminate the coffee A drank with spit, laxatives, aphrodisiacs, and even his sperm. For the duration of 10+ months, B harassed A this way for over 50 times.

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It was in January 2019 when B got caught when another classmate C found B’s “crime log” saved on one of the computers at the research lab. In this log, B had written down the details of when, where, and how he harmed A as part of his revenge.

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The log revealed that B’s “revenge” didn’t stop at serving sperm coffee. He also contaminated her lipstick and her toothbrush with his sperm. During a conference held in another city which both A and B attended, he broke into A’s hotel room to steal her underwear. He also got his hands on A’s laptop, downloaded her personal photos, and used them for “imagining bad things”.

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Shortly after C reported this log to the police, B was sent to trial. His second trial on December 11, 2019 sentenced him to three years in prison. To the netizens’ shock, B was not tried for sexual harassment, but for theft and assault. The South Korean prosecution explained that the current law regarding sexual harassment and/or assault only applies to acts done upon a person. Therefore, B’s act of mixing sperm in A’s coffee didn’t quite count as sexual harassment.

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This news of a crush-gone-horribly-wrong has left the internet completely disgusted and baffled over the “light punishment” for B. More Koreans are hoping for the related laws to be amended so victims like A can be protected from the beyond-imaginable acts of crime such as this one.

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Source: LawTalk News and THEQOO
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