Korean Man Sentenced To A Year In Prison For Attempted Abduction… But The Internet Is Enraged At The Judge

“What the f*ck do you mean, Judge?”

On February 16, 2020, the Seoul Eastern District Court ruled a Korean Man “A” in his 40s guilty for attempted abduction and sentenced him to a year in prison. While that sounds like justice being served…

… the internet is outraged by the court’s decision and are criticizing the Judge Min Chul Gi for being too lenient. Back in July 2019, A got on an elevator with a 16-year-old, female high school student “B” who lived one floor above his apartment building. A got off on the 5th floor, opened the door to his apartment, set his bag down…

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… then ran up the stairs to the 6th floor, to grab B as she got off the elevator. A hid himself behind a wall — and as B approached her apartment to punch in the passcode in the digital door lock, he reached his hand out in an attempt to cover her face from the back.

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When B turned around and A’s plan failed, he then simply proceeded to grabbing her by the hair and dragging her down the stairs to his apartment. In this process, B screamed for help and B’s parents came out to find their daughter in A’s hands.

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A was immediately arrested by the police that B’s parents called. In court, while being tried for attempted abduction of a minor and assault, A claimed that B “cursed at him” and “called him a piece of shit” when he was getting off the elevator.  The court dismissed this claim and found him guilty of all charges pressed.

When prosecution requested to put A in an electronic ankle monitor that would digitally track his whereabouts for preventing recidivism, however, Judge Min turned it down. He claimed, “Seeing from the fact that he has no history of abduction, it is unlikely that B will commit a similar crime again. Plus, it is evident that he has been a diligent employee at his company since 2005. Therefore, it is possible to believe that this was a one time mistake, committed under the influence of alcohol.”

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And it was this decision that led to the internet’s rage, as B was revealed to be a convicted felon with a history of breaking and entering into a women’s restroom and watching them in the stalls, back in 2013. Netizens are baffled by the judge’s comment and are voicing their concerns for the court showing leniency.

Source: Joong Ang Ilbo, Ilyo Seoul and THEQOO