Korean Man Turns To Internet For Help After Girl Friend Attacks Him Zombie Style

He got bit and the wound is only getting worse.

A Korean man who was bitten by his girlfriend turned to an online forum for advice on how to handle the situation. He clarified that he was bitten by his girlfriend while they were drinking, and was worried because the bruise was getting worse.

“It was OK at first, but 3 days have passed and the bruise is getting worse.”


The man was unsure on what to do, and whether or not he should ask his girlfriend to pay for treatment.

“How much money should I ask for treatment? If anybody has any experience with a case like this, please give me some advice…”


In response, many users attacked the personal hygiene of the girlfriend, claiming she needed to wash more.

  • “There must be poison on her teeth…does she even brush her teeth?”
  • “She should try mouth wash. Her mouth must be filled with germs.”
  • “How are her teeth so big? Tell her to see a dentist.”


Others couldn’t understand why she would bite him in the first place.

  • “Why did she bite him in the first place? Is he dating a French Bulldog?”
  • “How do you have to bite someone for it to get that bad?”
  • “She must be a patient at a mental hospital.”


Still others felt that his girlfriend might actually be a zombie.

  • “Go to the hospital and get it treated. That looks really serious. Is she some sort of zombie?”
  • “Go get a medical report. Why would she bite you so severely if she wasn’t a zombie?”
  • “That’s scarier than a zombie bite. She might have rabies. Go get a shot before it spreads.”


Only time will tell if this is the start of the zombie apocalypse.

Source: Dispatch and Pann