Korean Netizens Bash On Park Jimin After Dramatic Weight Loss

Korean netizens criticized Park Jimin with malicious comments.

Park Jimin from 15& recently uploaded photos on her Instagram, showing how she lost a tremendous amount of weight.


She used to have a plump figure, where she boasted her signature witty, cute image.


But she’s undergone a drastic transformation where she shed a lot of her weight to show a whole new side to her beauty.


Her weight loss changed her appearance to look sexier and more mature.


However, netizens began criticizing her new look, claiming that she got plastic surgery done on her face.

  • “I don’t know or care about the weight but it looks like she did every single plastic surgery possible.”
  • “She did her eyes and nose and everything. I bet she didn’t even lose weight through exercising but through the needle.”
  • “Even though she got plastic surgery she’s still ugly.”


They claimed they couldn’t recognize her after her transformation.

  • “Who is this…? I can’t recognize her.”
  • “Omg… I would never have recognized her;;;;”
  • “Jimin…Jimin…Why…..”
  • “Wow who is she? She looks like every other plastic surgery girl.”


But fans defended her new look, praising her for newfound beauty.

  • “You’re so pretty… your beauty is literally crazy… I love you so much”
  • “Omg, my wig just flew off, you lookin’ so fine! 💕 Miss U so much 😭”
  • “She was always pretty, but she got prettier after she did got her eyes and nose done.”


The fans were more excited for any updates regarding her comeback.

  • “I miss you and ur voice so much!!!”
  • “She didn’t even get to promote much since K-Pop Star… Please JYP let her make a comeback”
  • “I am hoping I could hear you sing more song 🤗😄 more power 💓💗💙💚”
Source: Nate Pann