Korean News Reports On The Beaded Jewelry Trend Due To BTS J-Hope’s Live Streams

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Recently, Korean news reported on the beaded accessory trend and revealed that it has become a hot trend this summer with many celebrities following this new style. The news reported on BTS J-Hope’s previous live streams of him making beaded jewelry for the members and fans, proving just how big this beaded jewelry trend has become.

After his beaded bracelet making live streams, the sales of beads and charms rose quickly with many of the charms being sold out online. J-Hope tried to match the bracelets to each member’s character and mic color and they turned out quite nicely!

Jimin‘s was yellow with a cute chick charm.

Suga‘s was black with his name and cat charm on it.

RM‘s was blue with a star charm on it.

He held a two part live stream of him completing all the bracelets for the members as well as one for ARMY. He made a red bracelet for himself, a purple one with a bunny for Jungkook, a green one with a heart for V, and a purple one with an alpaca on it for Jin.

It took him an hour and ten minutes to make three bracelets and an hour and thirty-five minutes to make four bracelets! But he spent a whopping hour and six minutes to make a super special bracelet just for ARMY! Fans were touched that he took time to learn more beading techniques in order to make a bracelet for them.

| @bts_twt/Twitter

We were also able to see the members wearing the bracelet that J-Hope made for them through Bang Bang Con The Live online concert!

There is nothing that J-Hope doesn’t do whole-heartedly and fans are truly touched by his passion and gratitude. This beaded accessory trend just proves how big J-Hope’s power and influence is today! Take a shot at making some beaded jewelry this summer if you haven’t already!

Source: newstoday