Korean Olympian Skates On One Foot, Completely Destroys 4 Celebrities

No challenger was able to out-skate this speed master on one foot!

Korean speed skater Lee Seung Hoon appeared on All The Butlers and raced against the butlers’ team of Lee Seung Gi, Yang Se Hyung, Lee Sang Yoon, and BtoB‘s Sungjae.

Lee Seung Hoon is a national champion and PyeongChang Olympic gold medalist, with the most speed skating medals in Asia.


Team Butlers challenged Lee Seung Hoon to four laps of speed skating. Lee Seung Hoon suggested he would easily win even if he skates on one foot and do an extra lap.


Upon hearing this, the butlers became charged with motivation to beat Lee Seung Hoon.


And so began the race of the century!


Lee Seung Gi skated first against the mighty Olympian. While Lee Seung Gi looked nervous to be racing against a national champion, Lee Seung Hoon seemed at ease.


As soon as the butlers witnessed the magic that is “one foot skating”, they were at a loss of words.

  • “What in the world is that?” — Yang Se Hyeong
  • “Whoa, what?!” — Yook Sung Jae


Lee Seung Hoon moved forward only on his right foot!


Again, in case you can’t quite believe your eyes:


While skating on one foot and getting in that extra lap, Lee Seung Hoon outskated Lee Seung Gi, Yang Se Hyeong, and Lee Sang Yoon. He was on his last lap against Yook Sung Jae!


Yook Sung Jae skated as quickly as he could, but he wasn’t able to catch up with Lee Seung Hoon.


After crushing the butlers at the race challenge, Lee Seung Hoon explained that professional skaters often train skating on one foot to achieve better balance and work out different muscles in the leg.


The butlers were filled with respect for Lee Seung Hoon. As amazing as the race was, it showed how much the skater must have trained to do what he does.


Watch the intense and simply amazing race here: