Korean Politician Claims To Be Able To Drive With Psychic Powers..Then Crashes His Car

Recently, news of a Korean politician who crashed his Rolls-Royce Phantom went viral. Such news would not usually catch the attentions of the public but the politician in question named Huh Kyung Young had previously claimed to drive his car using psychic powers. 

The politician Huh Kyung Young was the talk of town in Korea on multiple occasions  due to his many outrageous claims which include having the IQ of 430, being able to levitate, having the power to grant wishes and seeing the future.

One of such outrageous claims involved driving his Rolls Royce Phantom using psychic powers and not using his hands.

However, recently he was found to have crashed his “psychic power driven car”

Huh Kyung-Young claimed that he could not stop his car in time because it was too “heavy”

Koreans however believe that he probably crashed his car while driving with “psychic powers”

Check out this video of Huh Kyung Young allegedly proving he can drive with psychic powers

Source: BADA