Korean Psychic Looks Into RM’s Future And His Name

A segment from K-Pop Prospects in 2016 featuring BTS’s RM is getting renewed attention.

The part in question has resurfaced because a fortune teller on the show talked about the possibility of RM, then Rap Monster, changing his name!

The fortune teller said that RM’s aura was cold, so his name should be about light, and said “Bit Sarang” (Light Love) would be a good choice.

Though not to “Bit Sarang”Rap Monster did change his name to RM.

BTS Rap Monster Officially Changes His Stage Name

The fortune teller also went to talk about how RM is a good, smart leader with lots of luck.

He may have missed the mark with the name, but he was definitely on point about RM’s potential for great things!

Source: Dispatch