Korean Reporter Goes Viral For Her Visuals As Netizens Confuse Her For An Idol Member

She’s got the beauty and the brains.

Female television reporter Song Moo Bin is going viral for her stunning visuals—and we can totally see why.

Reporter Song Moo Bin | @molly_the_jolly/Instagram

The reporter has been in the industry fro 5 years, working at TV Chosun since 2016 as one of the network’s anchors. While her reporting abilities have been praised for her professionalism, it’s her idol-like visuals that have taken over the headlines.

Reporter Song Moo Bin during a news segment on “TV Chosun.”

Song Moo Bin’s big doe eyes, oval shaped face, and perfect complexion has become netizens’ latest obsession. The reporter’s visuals have been raved about, as she starts to gain her own fan following.

| @molly_the_jolly/Instagram

The TV Chosun reporter doesn’t have just a pretty face, however, as her educational background also impresses Korean netizens. It’s been reported that Song Moo Bin graduated from Ewha Woman’s University with a degree in English Literature. The private institution is one of the most prestigious universities in the nation and is known for its competitive acceptance rate.

| @molly_the_jolly/Instagram

Following the numerous headlines, netizens began to comment on Song Moo Bin’s beautiful looks. Comments such as “I thought she was an idol member”“I think she needs to become a celebrity”“please debut as an idol” and more began to take over different online communities. And rightfully so, just look at her!

| @theqoo

Song Moo Bin is one great example of someone who has both beauty and the brains! We get a feeling we’ll be seeing more of her and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for the talented reporter.

Source: WikiTree