Internet Outraged At Allegedly Racist Korean Menu

One small Korean restaurant has come under fire for this part of its menu.

This photo, first posted on Reddit about 4 days ago, has created a stir online. The photo was originally posted with the caption “The non-spicy option at my local Korean place”.  Many users reacted to the implication that white people can’t handle spicy food.

White Soup
The photo of the restaurant’s menu shows the level of heat in a dish with “White” indicating no heat at all.

“White” in this instance, however, doesn’t have anything to do with skin color. Instead, it refers to the color of the broth. Usually, the broth takes on a reddish color due to the spicy peppers, but when no pepper is added at all, the broth is white or clear.

Korean food, spicy or not, is delicious — and we have some recommendations for anyone looking to try something new.

Source: Reddit