Female Soldier Becomes Korea’s Military Mascot Thanks To Her Stunning Beauty

This beautiful girl is the new face of South Korea’s military PR campaigns.

24 year old Cho Hanbyul was selected to be the new face of the military and their mascot after serving in the military as one of the few women NCOs.

She had originally worked at the Health Promotion Center in the Armed Forces Capital Hospital, where the physical examinations of soldiers are held. Now, she is currently the face that is seen on Army recruitment posters as well as Army calendar covers.

Check out some of her photos below!

Absolutely stunning
She looks adorable with the face paint
She looks gorgeous with her hair down
She can be cute too
She looks good even in a candid shot
A shot of her in uniform at work
Short hair suits her as well
She could pass for an idol
Is this a still cut from a drama?