Top 5 Korean Celebrities with the Most Profitable YouTube Channels

Their channels cover vast genres from daily vlogs to cooking shows.

As all fans know, many of our favorite celebrities have their own YouTube channels, and KBS’s Entertainment Weekly just revealed the top 5 celebrities with the most profitable channels.

5. IU

According to Entertainment Weekly, IU has around 1.7 million subscribers making her expected monthly profit 7.4 million won (~$6300 USD).

IU frequently uploads her performances as well as many behind-the-scenes videos for all her fans to enjoy.

4. Baekhyun

Baekhyun recently started his own YouTube channel, which is essentially a daily vlog of his average life behind the stardom.

With around 2.1 million subscribers, he is expected to reel in about 8.3 million won (~$7100 USD) per month.

3. Park Joon Hyung – Wassup Man

The Korean-American singer, actor, and entertainer has his own YouTube channel where he films and posts all sorts of variety content that features other celebrities as well.

The channel has around 2.3 million subscribers, and it’s expected to make profits of around 18 million won (~$15,000 USD) a month.

2. Baek Jong Won – Paik’s Cuisine

Baek Jong Won is a famous South Korean chef, and he has a YouTube channel where he shares all sorts of cooking secrets for all his followers to learn from

The channel has around 2.9 million subscribers, and it’s estimated to make profits of around 22 million won (~$19,000 USD) per month.

1. Jang Sung Kyu – Workman

The South Korean TV personality, Jang Sung Kyu has a popular YouTube channel where he tries out all sorts of part-time jobs and gives honest opinions about them.

This channel has around 3.2 million subscribers, and it’s expected to make a whopping sum of 98 million won (~$84,000 USD) per month.

Source: The Qoo