Korean Teen Reveals Why She’s Fed Up With Korea, And Moving To England With Her Family

Her family has had enough of Korea.

A Korean teen recently posted on an online community bragging that she will be emigrating to England with her family tomorrow.


She revealed that her parents decided that because of the overall atmosphere of Korean society and the number of sexual assault crimes, they couldn’t raise their children in South Korea.


She is especially excited because she gets to escape Korea’s education system, which heavily emphasizes memorization and cram schools.


Some expressed jealousy, but others let her know the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

“Wah I’m jealous. When you go there you can “pee comfortably” (live comfortably) and even if you wear revealing clothing people won’t undress you with their eyes or secretly take videos of you..”

“I don’t know much about England but I have been living in America for 8 years as an immigrant. I’m a high schooler and although others around me are jealous and think I’m walking a flower path because I immigrated, I want to let you know it’s not the case. After going to a foreign country I found it it’s not that much better than Korea. There are difficult points, you will get hurt a lot and feel lonely often but you will be going into a bigger world and gaining good experiences so I hope you adjust well in England! Fighting!”


Here’s to hoping they have lots of good experiences in England!

Source: Nate Pann