Korean Vlogger Explains Different Accents from Game of Thrones

This Korean YouTuber explains the accents heard in ‘Game of Thrones’ and it’s awesome.

KoreanBilly is a vlogger based in Seoul whose videos usually teach viewers about the regional accents and dialects of English in the United Kingdom.

In his recent video, however, he has traded the United Kingdom for the Seven Kingdoms, as he explained some of the accents from Westeros, the land of the wildly popular HBO show Game of Thrones.

He explained that the different accents heard in the TV show are similar to accents in Britain because the fictional world of Westeros is thought to be roughly based on the United Kingdom.

A map of Westeros looks similar to the United Kingdom flipped from left to right. It is thought that the story was inspired by the country’s history and geography.

Just like in Britain, Billy explained that the accents in the show vary based on whether someone lives in the north or south of Westeros.

He introduced the accents using popular phrases from the show including, “You know nothing, John Snow” and “King of the North!” Using these phrases, Billy shows how the accents in Northern Westeros are vastly different than those in the fantasy world’s southern areas.

Check out his video below!