Korean Witnesses Possible Corpse Dangling From Truck Roof

A Korean travelling in Japan witnessed a scene out of a horror movie after seeing an arm dangling from a covered rooftop of a truck.

After the pictures were posted on Facebook, commenters quickly flooded the post with unfortunate news that a Korean was killed in Osaka that same day.

“There was a Korean person killed in Osaka, Japan today with a weapon.”
“Huh? It’s so scary, something you’d think would only happen in a dream. There was a Korean that was killed in Osaka today… the street signs look like they are from Japan.”

Nagahori-dori is located in Osaka, making people wonder if the arm dangling from the rooftop is indeed the Korean person that was killed.

Unfortunately, the license plate of the truck was covered, so netizens could not report the truck to the police.