Korean Woman Shares The Creepiest KakaoTalk Messages From Her Persistent Coworker

Their conversations will give you all the heebie-jeebies.

When this Korean woman, by the name of Seunghee-ssi, began working for the company where she met her coworker “A” from the administrative department, she had no idea what turmoil was in store for her.

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At first, A and Seunghee started off as friendly colleagues at the workspace. As time passed though, A developed feelings for Seunghee — and he decided he wouldn’t hide it from her either.

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A grew entirely obsessed with Seunghee and he began flooding her KakaoTalk inbox with pesky messages, as early as 7AM.

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When Seunghee started feeling uncomfortable with the amount of interest A was showing, she politely turned him down and asked him to stop sending so many messages. Unfortunately, rejection was something A did not know how to handle with grace. It drove him insane, instead.

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Unsure of what to do, Seunghee shared online the screenshots of A’s crazed messages that followed the rejection:

Even when Seunghee hinted that she would “report him to HR” at the company, A did not budge.

Eventually, Seunghee had to threaten A, claiming she will look into taking legal action against him for his unending sexual harassment. A grew furious and couldn’t understand how his “innocent feelings” would be considered harassment.

No matter how hard Seunghee tried to push A away, nothing really could stop his feelings. At one point, A even showed up at Seunghee’s house at 1 in the morning. She shared the frightening messages she received that night — as he stood in front of her door and begged her to let him in.

Seunghee shared, “Without any other option left, A was reported to the company’s HR department.” To her shock, however, the company barely took the steps to help separate A from Seunghee. Instead, the HR responded, “It’s not like A inflicted any physical harm, so there is no policy in place for the company to penalize A.”

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Hopelessly stuck in the situation, Seunghee asked the internet for help with how to cut off ties with A. Appalled by the frustrating turn of events, Korean netizens insisted that Seunghee takes A and the reluctant company to court — and shows them who’s boss!

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