Korean Women Share Their Personal Orgasm Stories For The First Time

On Pikicast, Korean women got personal in discussing their sex lives and experiences in detail.

Pikicast has created a video of Korean women describing their orgasm experiences. 


“It feels like water inside of me”

“is like overflowing?”

“It’s as if….”

“I’m getting split down to the atom level”

“and breaking apart?”

“It feels like I’m disappearing due to the heat”

“and melting away”

“It feels like a water faucet in my body opening up?”

“And everything inside of me is just flowing out”


“It feels as if my body is floating up in the air”

“It feels like I have become….”

“some type of watery pasta noodle”

It feels like my wet body

is being squeezed until there is no more water in my body?