Koreans Are Calling This Sunmi’s Worst Hair Style

“Compared to now, it was really bad…”

Former Wonder Girls member Sunmi has had a lot of hairstyles over the years.


During Wonder Girls’ “Nobody” era, the concept called for curly, short hair.


The 60s-inspired concept also had the girls wearing it short and straight for certain stages.


She’s had different bang styles and hair lengths.


Sunmi has also changed the color of her hair more than once.


But an online thread has identified Sunmi‘s first solo debut song “24 Hour” concept hairstyle as her worst.


The original poster called it the “hairstyle that doesn’t suit her”.

“The first time she came out… I was so sad…” — Original Poster


Most netizens agree it didn’t suit her that well, especially compared to her later hair styles.

  • “Yeah it doesn’t suit her.”
  • “Her face is long so it didn’t suit her.”
  • “Hul compared to now, it was really bad.”
  • “Longer hair suits her better.”


However, many netizens said that it was the perfect hairstyle to debut Sunmi as a solo artist, as it had a fresh look that separated her from Wonder Girls.

  • “The hairstyle didn’t suit Sunmi, but the music style suit her the best.”
  • “I feel like looking back, it might not be so good, but at that time, Sunmi was coming back with a whole new image so I think she looked good. Should she have had her long hair back then, I don’t think she would’ve done as well.”
  • “How should I put this, she doesn’t have that WG Sunmi image anymore, it was a smart move from JYP to debut her like a rookie.”
  • “It did suit her ‘new experimental’ image though.”
  • “But it suited the song she hadㅋㅋ It felt new.”


The choreography also seemed to have been created with her hair in mind, as she flicked it around a lot in performances.


While many netizens think it wasn’t her prettiest style, they seem to agree it’s one of her most mature looks.


Check out her Inkigayo performance of “24 Hours”:

Source: The Qoo