How Koreans Celebrate Christmas, As Explained By A Korean Teacher

Did you know in Korea Santa Claus can also be a woman?

Educational YouTube channel Learn Korean with shared a video about how Korean people celebrate Christmas.

Jae, the host from Learn Korean with, begins by explaining that, “In Korea, Christmas is associated with charity and love. Christians spend it as a religious holiday while non-Christians celebrate it more commercially. Exchanging Christmas cards and gifts is popular during this time.

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When you meet someone on Christmas, you will greet them with the phrase “메리 크리스마스” (Merry Christmas).

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Korean people celebrate the holiday with their own special events and customs. The most popular food to eat on Christmas is Christmas cake.

— Jae

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Christmas cake isn’t what Americans are accustomed to as it’s not a fruit cake. Korean Christmas cake is usually an ice cream cake or a traditional cake with cream topped with Christmas decorations.


Jae shares that “many people visit restaurants for Christmas meals, enjoying western foods mostly.

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Something else that makes Christmas special in Korea is that Santa Claus is more commonly called “Grandfather Santa“. But did you know that Santa Claus isn’t always a man? It’s true! In Korea, sometimes Santa Claus is called “Grandmother Santa“!

To learn how to say Korean Christmas words, like “Merry Christmas” and “Christmas cake”, watch Jae’s video below: