Koreans Are Falling In Love With Malaysian Food Because of This Man

South Koreans can now enjoy Malaysia’s favorite food nasi lemak in Seoul thanks to this special man.

A 29-year-old Malaysian man named Sabahan Duzy Noramzamnas Abdul Aziz brought nasi lemak to Seoul, and Koreans have fallen head over heels for the dish!

Sabahan moved to Seoul last year and realized just how difficult it was for fellow Malaysians to find halal food in the neighboring country.

He decided to run his own nasi lemak delivery business in Seoul, hand delivering about 40 packets of his homemade nasi lemak on a daily basis!

His nasi lemak became a hit among not only Malaysians based in Seoul, but also among South Koreans and tourists visiting Seoul.

Once his dish became a big hit, he was offered a partnership opportunity where he set up his own restaurant on the rooftop of a guesthouse in Itaewon. Sabahan sells his nasi lemak at 5,000won (~$4.50 USD) with optional toppings for an extra cost.

South Koreans say his dish has a similarity to the traditional bibimbap, but with an eccentric kick.

The demand for halal food continues to grow in Korea, and Sabahan is very positive about his business’s future growth!

Source: World Of Buzz