Koreans are impressed with how small TWICE Sana’s face is

Avid followers of the lovely girl group, TWICE, can attest to Sana‘s charming beauty, which is due in part to the fact that she has such a small face!

Sana immediately comes to mind when thinking about the industry’s top visuals. The beautiful idol is a fan favorite, especially among men, and loves to joke around and be silly.

Recently, many have been impressed with the size of the lovely idol’s face, which they find to be incredibly adorable.

Check out a few photos of Sana’s gorgeous features below!

A photo of Sana holding a variety of gifts.

An adoring side profile of the lovely idol.

She such a cutie.

She has such a narrow jaw line.

Sana caught in a candid smile.

She’s so angelic.

She has all the perfect features. Look at that smile!

So perfect!