Koreans Say Men Can Make A Woman Fall In Love By Doing These 7 Things

Korean women say that these 7 small gestures can up your chances of making any girl fall in love with you.


1. Buying her flowers on a normal day

Korean women say that it doesn’t have to be a bouquet of flowers, just one flower is enough to make them smile for the rest of the day.


2. Taking and sending a picture of something that reminds you of her.

It can be anything you two have talked about! It shows her that you are always thinking about her and are carefully listening to her.


3. Complimenting her by saying “You look pretty today”

This simple and easy compliment will make her feel acknowledged for all the hours she put into to looking nice just before meeting up with you.


4. Bringing her a hot coffee on a cold day

This gesture can show how much you care about her and you can share love and warmth together!


5. Writing her a hand-written letter

In a world full of instant messaging, it would be a thoughtful gesture for you to actually sit down and write her how you feel.


6. Staring into her eyes

Make her feel like she is the only person in the room. You will soon find her blushing if you look deeply into her eyes.


7. Remembering what she likes and giving her a surprise gift

She will feel loved and listened to if you buy her something she made a comment about in passing.

Source: Insight