Koreans Surprised At Photo Depicting How Kim Jong Un Might Look If He Lost Weight

An image posted on Pann went viral, displaying a photoshopped image of how Kim Jong Un might look if he lost weight.Netizens we’re shocked at the after image, exclaiming that he was surprisingly handsome and even resembled EXO’s Chanyeol. What do you think of the image?



[ +99 / -123] Skinny Kim Jung Un looks like Chanyeol

[ +69 / -0] Instead of his weight, do something about his hair…..

[ +16 / -1] You North Korean loving b*tch, what are you doing making a pig handsome using photoshop;;; You would run to someone with money and power spreading your legs — Why do you have a brain if your saying if your not even praising north korea hahahahahhahhaahahaha crazy f**ker

Source: Pann