Koreans Think The “2018 Miss Korea” MC Is Prettier Than All The Contestants

“Why host when you can win?”

It’s official; Girl’s Day‘s Yura will be hosting the 2018 Miss Korea pageant coming up in July 2018.

“I used to look up to the Miss Korea women when I was young. It’s an honor for me to be hosting the show and I look forward to seeing Korea’s most beautiful women together on stage.” — Yura


The preliminary rounds of 2018 Miss Korea have already selected out 32 semi-finalists, from which the live broadcast will have 15 finalists chosen by the judges and the viewers’ votes.

The goal is to select one Miss Korea Jin (1st place), two Miss Korea Sun-s (2nd place), and four Miss Korea Mi-s (3rd place). This competition often opens doors for the winners to easily kickstart their careers in the entertainment industry.


Here are some of the 2018 Miss Korea contestants to be presented by Yura!


The thing is, when Yura was announced to be the show host, Koreans became concerned. Comment after comment praised Yura’s beauty, then suggested that she would end up the prettiest of them all.

  • “No Miss Korea is going to be able to beat Yura. She has the face, the body, and the proportion!”

  • “Why host when you can win? She’d definitely rank in the Top 7.”

  • “Can the host win Miss Korea of the year too?”

  • “What the… LOL. The host is way too pretty!”

  • “Yura is going to beat them all.”


According to the official evaluation standards, a Miss Korea is someone of absolute brilliance, with the looks and the brains.

If a beautiful, smart, fit, and well-rounded young woman is what the contest is looking for, look no more — Yura is definitely all of those things and more.


Watch the 2018 Miss Korea semi-finalists prepare bikini photos for their final evaluation stage:

Source: Sports Donga

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