One Of Korea’s Hottest Actors Admits He Thinks EXO Baekhyun Is Cute

Hong Jong Hyun revealed in an interview that he has fallen for EXO‘s Baekhyun.

현아 첫방잘해~ @baekhyunee_exo

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The pair worked together in the SBS drama Moon Lovers: Scarlett Heart Ryeo and Hong Jong Hyun ended up totally falling for Baekhyun unique charms.

In an interview with Star1News, Hong Jong Hyun explained what made him fond of Baekhyun.

“It was the first time I thought a guy was cute. Now I know why he has so much popularity. I noticed this later, but on set, he was always smiling and playing around, but he’s actually quite the perfectionist. He’s a friend who practiced a lot. Even though it was his first time, he did well. The two of us get along well.”

— Hong Jong Hyun

It seems that nobody can resist Baehyun’s cuteness.

The flower boys show their love. / Source: Chosun

Source: News1