Korea’s Latest Election Was Held Game Of Thrones Style

This incredible Game of Thrones parody was the coolest way to follow the election.

On May 9, a record number of South Koreans made their ways to polling stations and chose their next president. As votes were being counted, an amazing Game of Thrones parody was shown on TV revealing the current standings of each candidate.

Moon Jae In, the front-runner going into election day, won the election and is now celebrating his new presidency, taking 41.4% of the total vote.

This wasn’t the only show they got inspired by, as TV channels transformed their presidential candidates into characters from all sorts of movies and shows.

South Korean media sure has a unique way of covering the elections and boy did they pull out all the stops for this parody. The creative minds behind the videos must have had a blast designing this hilarious clip.

Check out the amazing Game of Thrones parody below!