K-Pop Fans Mind Blown By The Curious Case Of TVXQ Yunho’s Unaging Visual

He must be a vampire.

TVXQ‘s Yunho debuted in 2003. He was a visual sensation then; he is a visual sensation now. K-Pop fans have always loved Yunho’s sharp, masculine looks.


Fans have come to wonder though, as these pictures from his 2008 photoshoot and 2019 photoshoot have resurfaced side-by-side, what sorcery is keeping Yunho from aging.


In these 2008 photos, Yunho is a total superstar:


But not much has changed in his 2019 photos! Surely, he doesn’t seem to have aged one bit…


In fact, some fans think Yunho looks even younger in these recent pictures!


Yunho’s fans who have failed to spot any differences in his 2008 vs. 2019 grassy photos can now only believe that he’s a vampire!