K-Pop Fans Mind Blown By The Curious Case Of TVXQ Yunho’s Unaging Visual

He must be a vampire.

TVXQ‘s Yunho debuted in 2003. He was a visual sensation then; he is a visual sensation now. K-Pop fans have always loved Yunho’s sharp, masculine looks.

yunho feature

Fans have come to wonder though, as these pictures from his 2008 photoshoot and 2019 photoshoot have resurfaced side-by-side, what sorcery is keeping Yunho from aging.

yunho 5

In these 2008 photos, Yunho is a total superstar:

yunho 4

But not much has changed in his 2019 photos! Surely, he doesn’t seem to have aged one bit…

yunho 2


In fact, some fans think Yunho looks even younger in these recent pictures!

yunho 1

Yunho’s fans who have failed to spot any differences in his 2008 vs. 2019 grassy photos can now only believe that he’s a vampire!

. . .