This K-Pop Idol Was Asked What She’d Do With ₩1Billion KRW, Nobody Expected Her Answer

Her response was not what the fan expected.

Recently, DIA held fansigns to promote their new song “WOOWA”.

Member Eunice was asked what she would do if she had a ₩1 Billion KRW. The fan had intended it to be a fun and light-hearted question, but the response was not what she expected.

She wrote on the post-it “pay off my debt.”

This brings to light the struggles K-Pop idols from smaller groups and smaller companies face. Even if they work just as hard as idols from big groups and companies, they don’t get enough attention.

Former MADTOWN member H.O spoke about this previously during a live stream on AfreecaTV. When idols debut, they already have a debt to the company. They are charged for music production, video production, album production, and even dinings costs. It can go up to ₩50 Million KRW.

Idols only start profiting when and if the debts are paid off.

This means that the members of DIA, including Eunice, have not paid off their debts to the company.

DIA’s newest comeback track, “WOOWA”, is out now. Check it out here to support the girls.