K-Pop Idol Discusses The Worst Part Of Hate Comments—And How Much It Hurts

If affects their relationship with their families as well.

During an interview with DKDKTV, Crayon Pop‘s Way revealed the worst part of hate comments is the pain that a baseless rumor can cause.

She said, “Let’s say a baseless rumor suddenly appeared. The worst among all the hate comments are the ones that make false rumors.

Source: DKDKTV/YouTube

Way continued, saying, “Even if the speculations are based on some facts, what really happened might be totally different.

Source: DKDKTV/YouTube

When friends and family see those malicious comments stated as though they were fact, of course, they feel compelled to ask whether it’s true or not.

Source: DKDKTV/YouTube

Because of that, in a way, an idols’ loved ones may unintentionally cause secondhand harm.

Watch Way’s full discussion with David below: