This K-Pop Idol Has A Heart-Shaped Beauty Mark

Everyone knows he has a beauty mark but closer inspection reveals something special about it.

Although it isn’t a secret this idol has a beauty mark that fans love to fawn over, not everyone is aware that it actually holds a lovely secret… It’s actually heart-shaped!

Do you think you know who the idol is?

iKONics are certain to know it’s iKON‘s stunning lead vocal Jinhwan!

Let’s take a closer look at his beauty mark, shall we? 🤔

It’s not quite clear enough… 🤔 But, that’s okay, because iKONics don’t play around when it comes to cherishing their idols and notice all the small details that less trained eyes might have missed!

One fan page noted that a heart-shaped birthmark means “the individual will be lucky enough to fall in love with their soulmate” and “be a fun loving [sic] person in their life.” Whereas other sources say that a heart-shaped birthmark, in specific, one next to your eye could mean you’re very passionate!

The meanings varied depending on where you lived, but a heart-shaped beauty mark next to the eye could signify unbridled passion…

—Krista Burton, Beautylish

What do you think? Do you think Jinhwan is a passionate, fun-loving person? Even if you don’t believe in superstitions, we can all agree that Jinhwan’s heart-shaped beauty mark is perfect, like him! 😍