Krystal Appears To Be Gaining Weight For The First Time Since Her Debut 

Krystal was spotted with a healthier plump about herself at the airport recently!

Krystal Jung was recently photographed at the Incheon International Airport en route to Milan, Italy, when fans noticed a slight change in her appearance.


Many believe that for the first time since her debut, the artist and actress actually managed to gain weight.


She’s always been known for her skinny but lean physique.


She used to have hallowed cheeks because of her skinny physique.


But now fans have noticed that she has a healthier plump about her.


However, this recent change seems to have left quite a positive impression.


In fact, for the past few months, she has been shedding that skinny impression and focused on being toned instead.


Many are also speculating about her weight gain…


A number of commenters believe the weight gain is likely due to her new acting project…


or simply an illusion made by her clothes and styling. But no matter the change, Krystal looks fabulous!


Source: TheQoo