Kwanghee Confesses That Haters Even Dissed His Mother When He Was on “Infinite Challenge”

But when things got hard, Jung Hyung Don always had his back.

Kwanghee recently appeared on tvN’s Problem Child in House as a guest and opened up about the hardships he faced when he was on Infinite Challenge.

Kwanghee started off by confessing that the only reason why he decided to be on the show was because of Jung Hyung Don.

He confessed, “When I first started on Infinity Challenge, he was very friendly to me and gave me a lot of help when I made mistakes.

In response, Jung Hyung Don replied, “That’s because a lot of people were scolding Kwanghee at the time.

Kwanghee agreed with this and added, “That’s true. I was always insulted for no apparent reason. People were especially dissing me for being on Infinite Challenge and even dissed my mother.

He then expressed his appreciation for Jung Hyung Don once more by revealing, “On the other hand, Jung Hyung Don never insulted me and instead gave me spending money.

Source: Insight