Kwanghee Couldn’t Contain His Excitement When Lee Hyori Sent Him Some Sweet Praise On Instagram

Kwanghee was beyond excited:

When Lee Hyori left some sweet praise for Kwanghee on his latest Instagram post, Kwanghee was beyond excited!

During the May 30 episode of MBC‘s Hangout With Yoo, Lee Hyori, Rain, and Yoo Jae Suk confirmed their plans to debut as a co-ed group this summer as well as discussed the possibility of recruiting new members for their group. During the episode, Zico, Kwanghee, Simon Dominic, and Code Kunst appeared as guests on the show and potential recruits.

While the episode had many fun moments, Kwanghee decided to highlight one particularly hilarious moment on Instagram. On May 31, Kwanghee uploaded a screenshot and a clip from the show which captured the moment when he hilariously misunderstood Hyori’s request for him to dance to Rain’s “GANG” and thanked Hyori for bringing him some unexpected laughter.

At a very unexpected moment

You gave me a big gift of laughter.

Hyori noona

Thank you very much.

#LeeHyori #GreatEntertainment #ThankYou #ModestDance


Soon after Kwanghee uploaded his post, Hyori was spotted dropping a comment and complimenting Kwanghee on a job well done!

Seeing her sweet praises, Kwanghee simply couldn’t contain his excitement. Replying back, he showed just how excited he was not only for the fact that Hyori had referred to him as “Our Kwanghee” but also because she had stopped to visit his Instagram page!

Fans are falling in love with this interaction and it’s no surprise why because Lee Hyori’s comment and Kwanghee’s reaction are just too precious for words!

Source: Osen