Kwon Nara Reveals How She’s Been The Victim Of Dangerous Stalking And How Her Father Saved Her

“My father is Superman” — Kwon Nara

Kwon Nara revealed how she has been the victim of stalking on many occasions when she was a trainee.

On one occasion, she was waiting for her father to come to pick up her up after practice. Then, she started to notice that nobody was around her and it was late at night. At that moment, a strange van came and a man approached her, shocking her.

The situation got even worse as the man approached her and started to drag her to the car.

Miraculously, her father came out of nowhere and saved her from a dangerous situation.

This isn’t a singular occurrence for Nara, as she has multiple instances of being the victim of stalking. Another time, she was listening to music late at night and on her way home. She had this weird feeling that she was being followed, but was a little muffled due to the music.

Her hunch was correct and she was actually being followed while she was walking home.

The scariest part was when she got home, the man was still there and he was armed with a weapon.

This eventually led her to a public store for help and she found out that the man had been following her the whole time she walking home. She called her father and he rushed to her aid immediately.