LABOUM Fans Angry At Agency For Abandoning Group After Album Controversy

Fans are infuriated with LABOUM’s agency after the label misused the group’s social media account to promote the label’s trainees.

NH Media posted trainees’ pictures on LABOUM’s official Instagram in order to promote their participation on JTBC’s Mix Nine.

Source: @officiallaboum

Coincidentally, there was no previous mention or promotion about the three LABOUM members’ participation on the rival show, KBS’s The Unit.

Source: Newsis

LABOUM’s ZN, Yujeong, and Haein are currently competing in order to gain more exposure for the team, as well as the well deserved individual recognition.

The Instagram account failed to mention anything about the recent departure of Yoolhee either.

The trainee posts were taken down after infuriated fans criticized the company for their misuse.

“Laboum…. they had so much potential.”

“Sigh….’Allow Allow’ and ‘Fresh Adventure’ single line up was unforgettable..”

“I really liked their songs a lot and listened to their songs all winter last year”

“After the album controversy, I have been avoiding them as well.”

— Fans reactions regard to the posting

Source: MLB Park

It appears the controversy about the label’s behavior started even before the recent posts.

Global H Media (the parent company of NH Media) had also been targetted for suspicious behavior when the group won Music Bank over IU.

The speculation was that the agency bought tons of albums to hike up the sales and secure their win.

Although NH Media has yet to make a statement about the Instagram posts, fans are demanding that they take better care of LABOUM.

Source: MLB Park