Lawyers Of K-Pop Idols Reveal How Severely Malicious Commenters Are Punished

Not all malicious commenters are charged the same.

From the many negative comments K-Pop idols are bombarded with, they often receive legal representation from lawyers to help put an end to it. Big Hit Entertainment is one of the companies not pulling any punches, once suing thirty malicious commenters in one go to protect TXT and BTS.

Despite how well-known it is that idols use lawyers for this matter, not many people know the details on how those malicious commenters are punished.

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Through Comment Defenders, criminal lawyer Jeong Chong Myeong didn’t only reveal how they discover anonymous malicious commenters’ identities. He shared the two levels of what happens when they get charged.

The first level was for first-time offenders. Those malicious commenters only received a monetary slap on the wrist. “For crimes from writing malicious comments, you most likely receive a fine if it’s the first time.

The next level was a very serious one where the perpetrator could face jail time for their non-stop harassment.

But if it’s continuous, or it’s too intense, or you make an anti-community [targeting] somebody and keep writing comments…if it’s a severe case like this, you could really go to jail.

— Jeong Chong Myeong

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