Former K-Pop Idol Trainees Think One Part Of LE SSERAFIM’s Documentary Is “Unbelievable”

It was amusingly opposite to their experience.

LE SSERAFIM‘s documentary series, The World Is My Oyster, showcased the brutal reality K-Pop idol trainees go through as they strive to achieve their dreams. There’s no denying that LE SSERAFIM have achieved immense success since their debut and will continue to break new records, but as trainees, all of the members had doubts about the uncertainty of their future.

Idol trainees have to follow incredibly intense daily schedules and meet strict expectations from their companies, which, fortunately, idols like Sakura were able to speak up against.

Sakura | | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

But despite the incredible effort trainees put into achieving their dream, there’s still no guarantee of success, as many trainees get cut before their debut, often unexpectedly, and even if a trainee manages to debut as an idol, that doesn’t guarantee their success in the immensely competitive industry.

LE SSERAFIM’s members all had to take risks to debut as a group, with Kazuha leaving behind everything she knew…


Eunchae worrying about her inexperience compared to her other members…


And the members even debating whether or not debuting would make them happy.

LE SSERAFIM’s documentary shed incredible insight into just how diligently K-Pop idols have to work and how much they sacrifice to achieve their dreams. But was the documentary realistic?

(Left to right) Eunchae, Yunjin, Kazuha, Sakura, and Chaewon | @le_sserafim/Twitter

According to two former K-Pop idol trainees who watched the documentary, yes, the documentary truly showcased many of the struggles that every trainee endures.

The two trainees even talked about how they would practice so intensely, for so long, that they often felt like they were going to vomit.

Hwang Yoo Kyung: If someone asks me to practice like those days, I don’t think I can do that again. I can’t imagine how I did it like that.

Ahn Ye Rim and Hwang Yoo Kyung | Heyday/YouTube 

And while training a salad was an ultimate treat to look forward to.

Hwang Yoo Kyung: Doing that tough practice and having salad…

Ahn Ye Rim: Ah yes, but salad tasted really good, though.

Hwang Yoo Kyung: Oh yes, even salad could raise me up.

Ahn Ye Rim: After that hard training, even salad feels delicious.

| Heyday/YouTube 

The one thing the former trainees felt was unbelievable was LE SSERAFIM’s visuals despite their intense training sessions.

Hwang Yoo Kyung: What is unbelievable here is even when they are practicing, they still look pretty.

Ahn Ye Rim: I know… But they are really pretty.

| Heyday/YouTube 

The former trainees pointed out that when they practiced, they had messy hairstyles and were sweating a lot, but despite the intensity of their practices LE SSERAFIM still looked beautiful in their footage.

Hwang Yoo Kyung: We were like having hair upstyle like this and…

Ahn Ye Rim: Sweating like this badly.

Hwang Yoo Kyung: Oh yes, sweating a lot.

| Heyday/YouTube 

But aside from LE SSERAFIM’s incredible visuals, the former trainees explained that the group could debut and already achieve such success because of what they had endured together.

Ahn Ye Rim: But they did overcome those things and did it like this. This is why they could succeed.

| Heyday/YouTube 


Source: Heyday