LE SSERAFIM Eunchae’s Greatest Fear Helped Her Get Close To Her Members—Here’s Why

Are you also scared of this?

As the competitive maknae that everyone loves, LE SSERAFIM‘s Eunchae isn’t fazed by many things. But there is one thing that she just can’t overcome no matter what the circumstance—her fear of ghosts!


She talked all about this fear in an interview with Weverse Magazine where she also opened up about comparing herself to her members, the group’s recent viral performance, and why she felt embarrassed when filming a Game Caterers 2 episode.

Eunchae started off by explaining that ghosts scare her the most, and a good example is when the group visited Japan. She had heard many people saying that ghosts love staying in hotels, especially inside the rooms located at the end of hallways.

Ghosts scare me more than anything. (laughs) When we go to Japan, Kkura and Zuha usually stay with their families instead of with us, so I was in my own room one time in Japan, and before we went I heard people say there’s lots of ghosts in hotels and the rooms at the end of the hallway are always haunted, so I was super scared being in that unfamiliar place.

— Eunchae

When they entered the hotel, her members decided to play a game of rock paper scissors to decide who would have the privilege of enjoying a room to themselves. But in Eunchae’s eyes, it was more of a nightmare! She refused to play because she felt more comfortable staying in a room with another person. She even imagined seeing a ghost in the bathroom mirror after washing her face.

On the bright side, because she was roommates with another member, she was able to get closer to them during the trip.

We play rock paper scissors to decide which of the five of us is going to get a room to themselves when we go to hotels. The winner’s supposed to get their own room, but I don’t play because I don’t want to be alone. When I wash my face and look back up again, I feel like there might be someone there. I think that’s the one and only time my MBTI changes to ‘N.’ (laughs)

— Eunchae

Finally, no matter how competitive she is by nature, she’s willing to lose a game if the alternative is encountering a ghost.

I said, ‘I’m not going to sleep alone because I’m afraid of ghosts,’ and refused to play. (laughs) I was so competitive when I was growing up that I would cry if I lost in any sport. I do it for the shows to make it fun, but somehow I end up getting so serious that when I watch it again later, I think, ‘Why am I so serious there?‘ I tell myself that numbers don’t matter, but I’m always looking at numbers and ratings.

— Eunchae

In the same interview, Eunchae shared how her older members made her feel at ease when she was still hesitant to approach them. Check it out here:

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Source: Weverse Magazine