LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura Was Constantly Worried By One Thing After Coming To Korea

She really is an introvert!

LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura is currently starring in a solo variety program titled Fearless Kura, created in the hopes of showing her in a variety of situations where she is “fearless.”


During the first episode, Sakura started out strong despite initially being tricked into thinking the show was about something completely different.

She even had a hilarious moment where she didn’t recognize her celebrity guest, former K-Pop idol Kangnam, even though she met him before.


As she and Kangnam were tasked with making 100 KG of Kimchi, the two were aided by a local guest there specifically to help them make the food. The two worked diligently with only a few breaks, including when Sakura showed off her dance skills by performing “Anti Fragile” for the two guests.

As the episode continued, Sakura was asked what shocked her the most about Korea, and she had the best and most hilarious answer.

Sakura shared that she was very confused by people constantly asking her if she had eaten. In Korea, asking someone if they have eaten already can be seen as a form of greeting and showing consideration or affection.

When I was asked “Did you eat?” I would ask myself why they were curious if I ate, did they want to have a meal with me?

Sakura is from Japan, so it’s understandable that she would be confused about being asked the question. Instead of asking for clarification, however, Sakura figured out the perfect response for whenever she was asked.

Even if I hadn’t, I’d always say I ate.

Her reasoning for always saying that she had eaten is too funny and shows off her status as a true introvert!

I was scared they’d set up an outing… 

Sakura talked about being an almost pure introvert during the last episode, and this is just another way she has proven that she is!




Source: 겁도 없꾸라