These Leaked Photos of Jungkook, SinB, and Umji’s Graduation Are Everything

BTS‘s Jungkook and GFriend‘s SinB and Umji have finally graduated, and their graduation photos are cute as ever.

On January 7, Jungkook, SinB, and Umji graduated from the Seoul School of Performing Arts, and the photos from their graduation album have been leaked online.

GFriend’s SinB and Umji posed in reserved and academic positions with a shy smile,  emphasizing their innocence, while Jungkook made sure to smile brightly for the cameras and express his happiness from finally graduating.

Jungkook had entered Seoul School of Performing Arts a year later than his expected entrance date, and thus his graduation had been pushed back a year. This explains why he’s all smiles in his photos!

See their proud moments here.

Jungkook looks excited and handsome in his photo.
SinB is the picture of grace and poise.
Umji looks so sweet in her photo!

Source: Dispatch