Leaked Screenshots Of TWICE’s Private Chats Surface, here’s what they really talk about

Here’s what TWICE members usually talk about.

And the truth is…

TWICE members are just as adorable off stage.

1. Group Chat

TWICE Group Chat

Doob: (Sends screenshot of Melon Weekly Top Chart for Week 1 of June)
Doob: Five days left
Vote for yourselves

Doob is short for ‘dooboo’ which means tofu in Korean. This is Dahyun’s nickname!


2. Nayeon & Tzuyu

From Nayeon in yellow to Tzuyu in white

Nayeon: Hey Tzuyu
Tzuyu: Hmm?
Nayeon: Give me a kiss!
Tzuyu: (Emoji)
LOL right now?
Nayeon: (Emoji)
You promised, for my birthday
Come and gimme at 10PM
Tzuyu: (Emoji)
I promised?
Nayeon: What!


3. Nayeon & Jeongyeon

Nayeon in yellow to Jeongyeon in white, from February 14th, 2016

Nayeon: What are you up to LOL
Yoo Jung: Thinking of you

Looks like Nayeon saved Jeongyeon as ‘Yoo Jung Sunbae’ from Cheese in the Trap!


4. Chaeyoung & Nayeon

From Chaeyoung in yellow to Nayeon in white

Chaeyoung: Hey
What you up to
TBaekjitossi: Me
Chaeyoung: What’s my bunny doing
TBaekjitossi: Doing

Chaeyoung: Give me an exciting answer…
TBaekjitossi: Can do
What’s up beautiful?
Chaeyoung: Looooooool

‘Baekjitossi’ is an abbreviation of a nickname that Chaeyoung gave Nayeon. It means a white piggy bunny.

Then they go at it again –

Chaeyoung: LOL
Let me ask again
What you up to
Nayeon: All day I think about you
Beautiful Chae, you’re mine!
Wanna go grab some chocolate with me?
Chaeyoung: … LOL okay stop


5. Chaeyoung & Mina

Chaeyoung in yellow to Mina in white, from February 14th 2016

Chaeyoung: Miguri
What’s up?
Miguri: Miguri’s gaming
Chang chang!
Chaeyoung: Loooooool

Miguri is Mina’s nickname!


6. Chaeyoung & Jeongyeon

From Chaeyoung in yellow to Jeongyeon

Chaeyoung: Heyyy
What are you up to?
Jeongyeon: (Picture)
Chaeyoung: ……
What’s wrong with you all…