Lee Hyori Boasts Unreal Proportions And Timeless Beauty In Latest “Marie Claire” Photoshoot

How is she 40 😲

Lee Hyori may be 40 years old, but her latest pictorial with Marie Claire proves she doesn’t age!

In the photos, Lee Hyori’s slicked back hair and fresh, natural makeup only add to her air of purity and elegance.

Her unreal body proportions are highlighted by outfits that look like they were tailor-made for her, especially the military-style one piece that also shows off several of her tattoos.

Lee Hyori looks even more beautiful than the flowers that surround her, and she somehow seems to become more and more beautiful as the years pass.

Lee Hyori’s photos can be viewed in the March issue of the Marie Claire fashion magazine, which is also available online.

Source: Naver