Lee Hyori Claims She Lost Her Sense of Taste from the Lack of Kissing Lately

Lee Hyori then proceeded to share some details of her personal love life.

On the most recent episode of JTBC’s Camping Club, Lee Hyori confessed that she might be losing her sense of taste.

She explained, “Is it because we haven’t been kissing lately? I think it’s because I haven’t been using my tongue in a detailed way. I heard kissing is good for your health…

In response, Lee Jin asked, “You don’t kiss? We do it all the time” to which Lee Hyori reacted with a flustered face.

Lee Hyori then shared, “We give each other pecks, but because we’re so close after sleeping and waking up together every day, we don’t do any making out. We just get straight to the main event.

In what started as an original reason for why she lost her sense of taste, Lee Hyori made viewers laugh by sharing some personal details of her love life.


Source: Insight