Lee Hyori Revealed She Will Divorce Her Husband If He Ever Cheats On Her… But What About If She Cheats On Him?

She’d drop him in a second, but the other way around?

Lee Hyori appeared on You Are My Destiny 2, where she revealed her conditions of marriage and divorce with her husband, Lee Sang Soon.

She firmly claimed that if he ever falls in love with someone or cheats on her, she will divorce him without a second thought.

We recently talked about divorce with another couple. She asked me what I would do if Lee Sang Soon falls in love with someone else.

I would divorce him but I won’t hate him. Falling in love with someone isn’t something to hate someone over but I wouldn’t want to live with him anymore.

— Lee Hyori

However, when the same situation was turned onto her, she had different standards! She said she falls in love and out of love quickly, so she’d want him to wait for her.

She asked what I would do if I fell in love with someone else, so I told him, ‘I fall in love quickly and fall out of love quickly so just wait for me.’

— Lee Hyori

Lee Sang Soon looked lost for words as he looked to actor Yoon Sang Hyun for solace.

So basically, she told me, ‘If you ever cheat on me, we’re getting a divorce. But if she ever cheats on me, I have to wait for her to return. So I have to deal with it and live on.

Isn’t that incredible?!

— Lee Sang Soon

Lee Hyori then explained that she was referring to herself falling in love with another man but not “going all the way” with him. The husbands at the table still seemed unsatisfied with her standards but decided to move on because who could ever disagree with Queen Lee Hyori?

I’m saying, if I go all the way with him, we should divorce but if I only grow feelings for someone, you should wait for me.

— Lee Hyori

And Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon were a match made in heaven and will last forever anyways!