SSAK3 Lee Hyori’s Fan From 20 Years Ago Turns Out To Be One Of ASTRO’s Composers

They reunited 20 years later using the power of the internet.

Lee Hyori is back in the music scene through the new mixed-gender idol group, SSAK3, so the veteran star took to her Instagram account to share a photo taken with fans from 20 years ago.

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The photo shows Lee Hyori surrounded by fans in front of her house, and the caption reads as follows.

In front of my house with fans 20 years ago… After how much time flew by, I wonder what these friends are doing now and I wonder what they’re thinking if they’re watching me. Are you all doing well?

– Lee Hyori

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Lee Hyori called for her OG fans, and one of them actually responded.

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Under the post, one netizen replied,

Noona, the guy in the black shirt is me. Hahahahaha

– Netizen

And Lee Hyori couldn’t hide her surprise.

Oh my gosh.

– Lee Hyori

But what’s even more surprising is the fact that the fan is one of the composers for ASTRO, who wrote the song, “Lights On”.

| @smile_star/Instagram

His name is Im Hyo Bin, and he shared his personal thoughts about Lee Hyori on his own Instagram account as a longtime fan.

Hyori Noona shared a past photo of me. She’s all over the news and topping the charts! At the time, I was in first year of high school, and I must’ve wanted to look cool because I wore that suit on a very hot day, hahaha. I still watch all the shows that you’re on, and I’m still cheering you on with the same heart.

– Im Hyo Bin

Lee Hyori originally debuted through Fin.K.L back in 1998, but she made a come back with Rain and Yoo Jae Suk through SSAK3 on MBC‘s Hangout With Yoo.

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The group is currently sweeping all of the music charts with their new summers songs.

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