Lee Jae Wook Poses like a Loving Boyfriend Whenever He Takes a Photo with a Fan

Fan service at a whole another level.

With Lee Jae Wook‘s popularity taking off with his new drama, Extraordinary You, all sorts of online posts have been surfacing, including one about his photos with fans.


The post consists of multiple photos that fans shared to prove that Lee Jae Wook poses in the most loving ways as if he’s their boyfriend.

The photo that drew the most attention was one of him with his arm wrapped around the fan while making a heart with his fingers.

In another photo, he can be seen throwing out the peace sign and showing his more playful side.


In response to the sweet post, fans are responding with jealousy with comments such as “My heart is pounding like crazy“, “I want to take a selfie with Lee Jae Wook, too“, and “He’s my favorite these days“.

Source: Insight