Lee Kwang Soo Once “Cried” After Experiencing What It’s Like Being A K-Pop Idol

“If we cry, can we go outside?”

One of the most difficult things K-Pop idols have to deal with is memorizing choreographies.


The cast members of Running Man got to witness how difficult this is first hand. For their 9th anniversary fanmeeting, the cast members decided to learn a dance. Choreographer Lia Kim ended up being the one teaching them the choreography. However, the cast members were in for a tough reality when Lia Kim suggested that they practice 100 times to get the choreography right.

Lia Kim soon changed her mind, as she said that they would practice 50 times if there were no mistakes, and there would 120 practices if there was a mistake.

The Running Man cast members then started performing for Lia Kim, but Yoo Jae Suk was seen making a mistake.

The cast members couldn’t help but show their frustration and started hilariously scolding him.

Yoo Jae Suk’s mistake meant that the members had to practice the choreography 120 times. After realizing this, Lee Kwang Soo asked Lia Kim if they could leave if someone started crying.

Lia Kim decided to get more strict, as she said that the members could only go to the restroom after 100 practices.

The members started practicing again, but Lee Kwang Soo was seen making a mistake.

After realizing his mistake and seeing the situation he was in, Lee Kwang Soo began “crying” due to how difficult it was to learn a choreography.

Here is the full video below!

Running Man