Lee Si Eon Scolds Henry for Vacationing in Bali

Henry’s just living his best life.

Henry recently shared photos of himself vacationing in Bali, Indonesia and captioned them, “Just relaxing.

The photos show Henry looking into the camera with his shirt off.

Aside from how cute he looked, the beach backdrop made fans feel relaxed just by looking at it.

But what grabbed the attention of many fans was fellow I Live Alone star, Lee Si Eon and what he had to say about the photos.


He mustn’t have gotten the memo because he expressed his surprise at the photos and questioned why he was playing instead of working.

What’s this…? Henry… You’re playing instead of coming to the recording…?

– Lee Si Eon

Lee Si Eon then mentioned fellow I Live Alone star, Kian84 in another playful comment.

I just keep sighing at the thout of Kian…

– Lee Si Eon

In light of the cute interaction, fans are responding with comments such as “I’m jealous he’s in Bali…“, “He’s so tanned“, and “Lee Si Eon’s hilarious comments…

People might be jealous, but here’s hoping Henry has a relaxing time in Bali regardless!

Source: Dispatch