Lee Hi Just Dropped The Secret To Her Glowing Skin So We Can Glow With Her

Cleanse, moisturize, repeat!

Lee Hi has always boasted glowing skin, leaving fans curious as to how she keeps it so flawless.


Under her selfie shares, fans have constantly asked for her skin care routine…


… and in her latest Instagram post, she finally dropped all the secrets behind her everlasting glow.


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Hi! A long, long time ago… I did a late night Twitter Q&A and a lot of people asked me about my basic skin care routine. I said I’d share a video, but I wasn’t sure when… And since it seems I’ve frustrated(?) you all, here goes! I do what I say I’ll do. Lol.

— Lee Hi


Lee Hi shared, in this self-shot-and-edited video, that she doesn’t wear a lot of makeup in general — unless she has something scheduled.

This isn’t a great video because I shot and edited the whole thing myself. But, if you’re curious about my skin care routine, I hope you enjoy this. This is how I’ve been taking care of my skin this winter. I can’t say this is the right way for everyone, but it worked for me so… (Shrug)

— Lee Hi


Her default skin care routine put a lot of effort into cleansing thoroughly and moisturizing completely:

I wear facial masks once or twice a week! And when I don’t have anything scheduled, I don’t wear heavy makeup. At most, I apply sunscreen and that’s it. To cleanse, I use a low pH cleanser (CareZone Acne Clarifying pH Cleanser) to wash. I dry the water off and put on a pore mask pack (Aperire Spa Relief Be Frozen Pore Mask). 10 to 15 minutes after, I wash off with lukewarm water. Then I fill the sink with lukewarm water and use the patting mask (Blithe Patting Splash Mask Soothing and Healing Green Tea). Just bathe the face, pat lightly, and drain the water. Don’t use too much! I love this product though, because it smells good and it feels like it cleans out the pores even more thoroughly after the pore pack.

— Lee Hi


Fans can’t appreciate enough how detailed her post was, in sharing the steps she takes and the products she uses to achieve her look…

On some mornings, I just wash my face with water without any cleansing. Haha. Anyway, following that, I use Phyt’s Eau Micellaire Hydratante Skin on cotton pads and tone the skin. If I have blemishes, I pat a drop or two of the Phyt’s Naturoderm using a cotton pad or a Q-tip. Then I wear a pack. Honestly, I switch up my routine two to three times a week, depending on how my skin feels at the time. Maybe, on another day, I’ll try another video. The pack is called Mediheal DNA Proatin Mask. I’d say 20-25 minutes are good. If you leave it on too long, it actually dries your skin. So peel off on time and finish off with Phyt’s Fluide Hydratant Cream!

— Lee Hi


… especially more so, because she pointed out that the video wasn’t easy to make. Yet she promised to try making more of these videos if her fans wanted to keep seeing them!

This turned out to be so hard to make… I guess nothing comes easy in this world. If you liked the video though, I will try to share more of me at home — recording, making songs, eating alone, and just hanging out. I’ll try to do it without help (if possible) and share with you guys! Until then… I’ll see you all later. Good night! By the way, I was not sponsored for this video. This is simply vocalist Lee Hi’s purchases being put to use, recorded on her new camera and edited with iMovie on her MacBook!

— Lee Hi


So there we have it. Her secret is out! We are a step closer to achieving this glow:

Source: Allure Korea